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Q & A for CAR/ACF Liability insurance

The following Q & A is provided as a reference only and should not be used in any legal fashion or as proof of policy wording. It is a reference for general questions that may be asked by The Canadian Association of Rocketry / Association canadienne de fuséonautique members about the CAR/ACF Comprehensive Liability coverage’s provided with Association membership. Only the Insurance Carrier can determine specifics about the liability policy coverage’s. Please contact your Area Representative with specific questions that can be forwarded to the Insurance Carrier.

CAR/ACF safety codes and bylaws must be followed at all times or risk possible claim denial by the carrying company.

Who is covered under the Association Liability policy?

The Association and officers, a current paid up member of CAR/ACF, a volunteer at a CAR/ACF sanctioned event, an affiliated club and any land owners added as additional named insured.

Are all members covered?

Yes all current paid members; both senior and junior are covered for rocket related activities at CAR/ACF events in Canada. Members registered at the discounted family registration rate also qualify for the same coverage. Association directors, executive members and Committee members also have coverage and additional Directors and Officers coverage for the completion of CAR/ACF related business and work in Canada and the United States. This D & O coverage has a $1000 deductible. This policy does not cover any CAR/ACF member, director, and committee member or volunteer while flying rockets at any non CAR/ACF launch.

If my local club hosts a group such as a scout troop or group of school students for a rocket launch, would the club, CAR/ACF or myself have coverage?

No, anybody flying a rocket must have a valid CAR/ACF membership for there to be coverage.

What does the liability policy cover?

Rocketry related activities causing third party liability damage to others. There is bodily injury coverage for non-participants/spectators at a sanctioned launch. The policy provides property damage coverage to non-participants/spectators as well as launch participants at a CAR/ACF sanctioned event. There is a $500 deductible for these coverage’s.

Where does this liability coverage apply?

The Association, it’s officers, directors, members and volunteers have liability anywhere they are doing CAR-ACF related business in Canada or Untied States. Officers, directors, and members while flying rockets are only covered in the vicinity of approved launch sites at CAR-ACF sanctioned launches in Canada while participating in rocketry related activities.

I’m an RSO, LCO, RI, pad manager or volunteer at a CAR/ACF launch, does the policy cover me for an incident that I may be found fully or partially responsible for?

Yes, as a member of CAR/ACF or a volunteer the policy provides liability protection for actions or decisions that you could be held liable for.

Is this coverage for high power rocketry only?

No, this coverage is for incidents resulting from rocketry, be that model or high power.

If I hurt myself or cause injury to another CAR/ACF member at a launch, is there coverage?

There isn’t any coverage for bodily injury done to self or to other CAR/ACF members.

Does this policy provide Primary or Secondary coverage?

This is a primary coverage policy, which means the insurer is the first to pay in the event of a claim rather than secondary after other coverage’s such as a homeowner’s policy have paid first.

How can our local club add a launch site landowner to the policy and how can we prove to a landowner that they are covered for our use as a launch area?

Contact your CAR/ACF Area Representative to have the landowner added as an additional named insured by the carrier and a Certificate of Insurance issued. This is recommended, if the landowner is not added as an additional named insured they do not have coverage under the CAR-ACF policy

Why should a landowner be added as an additional named insured?

By adding the landowner as an additional named insured they are covered under the CAR/ACF policy and proof of coverage can be provided their liability insurance carrier that CAR/ACF’s policy will cover any rocketry related incident.

Are non-members participating in a launch insured at a CAR/ACF sanctioned launch?

No, launch organizers must insure that participants have a valid CAR/ACF membership. No flyers that are not current members of CAR-ACF are allowed to fly. If non-members do fly the will void the CAR/ACF coverage for the launch

Does this policy protect me as a member to fly at non CAR/ACF sanctioned launches, including launching models at a park or local farmers field?

No the coverage only protects CAR/ACF members at CAR/ACF sanctioned launches at authorized launch areas in Canada.

How does a club become affiliated, have their launch sanctioned or launch area approved?

Contact your CAR/ACF Area Representative to arrange/request affiliation, launch sanctioning or launch area approved.

Does this policy cover CAR/ACF members while flying rockets outside of Canada?

No, the coverage outside of Canada is only for CAR/ACF related business or work and not for flying rockets. Business or work would include but not limited too such things as meetings, seminars and conferences.

If a claim is suspected or an incident has occurred at a CAR/ACF sanctioned launch, what should be done?

Report the details of the event with as much detail as possible to your Area Representative and if possible a written report to CAR/ACF, 19048 73A Ave NW, Edmonton AB, T5T 5T1

When should a claim be reported?

CAR/ACF should be notified immediately through your Area Representative in the event of a claim or possible claim so that the Association can file a claim report to the liability carrier as quickly as possible.

Whom may I contact to provide more details about the policy?

Contact your CAR/ACF Area Representative with questions or clarifications.


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