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Canadian Association of Rocketry /

Association canadienne de fuséonautique

Affiliated Clubs

A great way to get into rocketry with great people. The following clubs are officially associated with the CAR/ACF:

Airdrie Space-Science Club

The Airdrie Space-Science Club is intended to promote the interest and education of the community in the area of science and space technology. Although the focus is on the youth of the community, adults are encouraged to participate at all levels. As the launches are informal social events, please note that many of these model rocket launches are arranged with the launches of other local model rocket clubs.

BC CanSat Fliers Club

The BC CanSat Fliers Club was formed to promote educational opportunities for science students through the building and flying of CanSat payloads in rockets. A CanSat is a small payload typically the size of a can of soda, which are built to meet specific science goals, and can perform numerous functions including in-flight video capture, environmental sensing, transmission of telemetry data, etc.

Visit the BCCANSAT website, or send an email to the Allen Upward for more information.

Calgary Rocketry

The Calgary Rocketry club actively promotes high power rocketry in Canada, and has many members active in both model and high power rocketry. CR members are active with Space Days, Aviation Days and Youth Rocketry classes through the Calgary Hangar Museum. The club's signature events are the Spring HPR Launch (held in April/May), and the Sullivan Lake HPR Launch, held in late September.


- CFB Petawawa Rocketry Club

Club québécois de fuséonautique / Québec Rocketry Club

Le Club québécois de fuséonautique est un club de lanceur de fusées qui organisent des lancement de fusées de petite, moyenne et haute puissance. Ce sont les membres du club et son comité administratif qui mettent en commun leur ressources humaines et matérielles dans un esprit d'équipe et de solidarité pour profiter de ce merveilleux passe-temps et ce, de façon sécuritaire et légale.

The Québec Rocketry Club is a group of individuals who build and launch rockets and organize events at which members can fly their own low-power, mid-power or high-power creations. The members of the club and the management board combine their material and intellectual efforts in hopes of, through good teamwork and solidarity, provide the safe and legal means of practicing the wonderful science of rocketry for anyone.

Edmonton Rocketry Club

The Edmonton Rocketry Club is dedicated to the promotion of rocketry activities in the Edmonton area. We are a group of individuals interested in building and (safely) flying rockets of all sizes and power classifications. We fly everything from small model rockets on A thru G impulse motors, to large sophisticated models equipped with electronics and cameras. ERC maintains an affiliation with the Calgary Rocketry Association.

Visit the ERC website, or send an email to the ERC for more information.

Lethbridge Rocketry Association

The Lethbridge Rocketry Association is a group of dedicated rocketeers of all ages that share a common interest: to have fun! LRA members carry a membership with CAR, which gives them the ability to take part in high powered rocket launches throughout the year. A membership isn't needed for low-powered rockets, but is recommended. The annual Roc Lake Launch, the largest high power launch in Canada, held just south of Lethbridge on the last weekend of June, is hosted by the LRA.

Manitoba Rocketry Group

The Manitoba Rocketry Group is a volunteer, provincial organization which advocates the safe pursuit of model and high power rocketry in Manitoba. Since 1995, the MRG has promoted rocketry at the local, provincial, and national levels as a safe, fun, legal and educational sport for adults and youth. Activities in which MRG members can become involved include scale and non-scale models, sport flying, rocket gliders, electronic payloads, aerial photography, onboard video equipment, radio transmitters, altitude attempts, parachute duration competitions and networking with fellow hobbyists.

New Brunswick Rocketry

NB Rocketry is a group of rocketry enthusiasts routinely flying 1/2A thru G motors at our regularly scheduled Petitcodiac, NB launches every other week April thru October, weather permitting. We also host our annual Labour Day "Rage at the Gage" 2 day launch, one of Canada's premier events. For more information, please contact us via the Facebook links.

Saskatoon Rocketry Society

The Saskatoon Rocketry Society (SAROS) is a rocketry group serving Saskatoon, SK and surrounding area. Our primary purpose is to organize, support, and promote hobby rocketry. SAROS holds local model and mid power launches every 3 - 4 weeks. We are currently working on bringing High Power launches to our members with the first HPR launch tentatively planned for October 2007. Club information and launch schedule are available on the SAROS website.

Non CAR/ACF Clubs

Cambridge Rocket Club

Interested in Model Rocketry? Live in Southern Ontario? Want to build a model rocket and soar to great heights?

S.W.A.R.M. (South Western (Ontario) Association of Rocket Modellers). 

A National Association of Rocketry section in Southwestern Ontario. We launch from Chatham, ON.

Interesting Initiatives

Launch Canada


The Canadian Association of Rocketry / Association Canadienne de Fuséonautique is an association of rocketeers organized for the purpose of promotion, development, education and advancement of amateur aerospace activities. 


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