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Canadian Rocketry Regulations

Transport Canada
Requirements for Launching HPR in Canada
This PDF document covers the Act that regulates the launching of High Power Rockets in Canada.
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Transport Canada RSO Requirements
This pdf document covers Transport Canada's RSO requirements.
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Transport Canada Aeronautics Act
The link below goes to the Aeronautics Act Section A-2.
The relevant paragraphs are 3. (1) Definitions, where the definition of an aircraft includes rockets; and 5.3 Relationship to Exlosives Act, where there is conflict with respect to rocket motors, the Exlosives Act will prevail.
Transport Canada Canadian Aviation Regulations
The link below goes to the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Index.
- CARs
NRCan Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD)
NRCan ERD Rocketry Regulations (Consultative)
This pdf document describes the safety regulations for the handling, storage and use of model rocket motors.
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Transport Canada

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