CAR MCC Certification Announcement -October 24/25 2009 Tests

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CAR MCC Certification Announcement -October 24/25 2009 Tests

Post by Thomas Raithby » Sun Nov 08, 2009 1:32 pm

Good Afternoon All,

I am pleased to report the certification of eleven (11) new motors from Cesaroni Technology Inc. The testing session was held on October 24th and 25th, 2009.

A total of thirty-one (31) motors were fired to certify these eleven (11) new reloads. The certified list includes a G, an I, an L, six M’s and two N motors. The propellants included Blue Streak, Classic, Imax, White Thunder, and Skidmark. Two new propellants, “Pink” and “C-Star” were introduced. The total fired impulse fired this session was 190,005.8 N-sec (16.0% R).

Two of these new motors are in the top of their impulse range:
• 9994-M3400- White Thunder (95.2% M)
• 20146-N5800- C-Star (96.7% N)

The ABC 4701-L1290-SK reload, designed for the AMW 76-6000 case, ships with single-use nozzle and requires the standard Pro75 CTI nozzle carrier to complete the assembly.

Testing of spacers continued this session, including spacers to accommodate Pro38-6GXL cases, the Pro54 family (including the 6GXL case). So there are now two spacers for each of the Pro38 and Pro54 line-ups. The products will ship with instructions on proper use. The XL spacers are for use in XL cases only.

As a result of this and previous testing, 38mm, 54mm, 75mm and 98mm spacers (alone or stacked) and the Pro29 tapered closure form part of the certified motor systems from CTI. These spacers (38mm, 54mm, 75mm and 98mm) and optional closures (29mm) will continue to be included in upcoming tests to observe the effect of ‘accelerated’ usage.

Certified were the following:
• CTI 93-G80-SK-14A (CTI Pro29-2G)
• CTI 502-I120-IM-15A (CTI Pro54-1G)
• CTI 6118-M3100-WT-P (CTI Pro75-5G)
• CTI 6162-M1675-PK-P (CTI Pro75-5G)
• CTI 7545-M1590-CL-P (CTI Pro75-6G)
• CTI-5472-M2250-CS-P (CTI Pro75-4G)
• CTI 5342-M1560-WT-P (CTI Pro98-2G)
• CTI 9994-M3400-WT-P (CTI Pro98-4G)
• CTI 17631-N3800-BS-P (CTI Pro98-6GXL)
• CTI 20146-N5800-CS-P (CTI Pro98-6GXL)
• ABC 4701-L1290-SK-P (AMW 76-6000)

Congratulations to Cesaroni Technology and Dr. Louwers on these new certifications.

The letters of certification are attached. Typical thrust curves will be available shortly on the CanadianRocketry website. Photos from the testing session and simulation files will be posted as time permits.



Thomas Raithby
Chairman, CAR Motor Certification
Canadian Association of Rocketry

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