September Update to Members

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September Update to Members

Post by Angelo Castellano » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:23 pm

Hello all.

I had promised to keep in regular contact with the members. This email is one.

First, the end of the year is coming up, and my intention is to have the year end detailed report available quickly thereafter.

Now that summer holidays are over, an update.

CAR has received 2 TSR projects, which is the Technical and Safety Review. Light reading.

I have asked Shane Weatherill, our resident IT expert, to make more use of CARWeb. Shane has already loaded the complete membership list. It is searchable by the Executive. Shane has also put in place a system for myself, Tom Raithby, and Tim Rempel, to upload files. This is for the online storage of documents. This is so there is a central despository of documents available to members of the Executive and the Board of Directors in the future with interruption.

I have given Shane a wish list and he is making recommendations and changes as time allows.

Motor Certification
Tom is also heavly involved with the Motor Certification. A lot of testing has been done. In addition to the testing, there is also the formal certification letters that need to be done for each motor. Tom has done them well and quickly.

Yahoo Groups
CAR yahoo groups ownership has now been completely transfered over. Thaks to our previous Chairman Greg Deitlen. They include the general Canadian Rocketry group, RSO, L4CC, and the CAR Executive group. There are now at least 2 group owners for each group, and others with additional moderation duties. I closed the Past CAR Executive group as it had no activity.

Ontario Regional Director
Ontario still need a regional director. I will be asking David Buhler to issue another call for an election. A great opportunity for CAR members in Ontario to help out.

National Clubs
I have personally made contact with the presidents of NAR, Tripoli, and MAAC. All were helpful and we will continue to work together.

By the end of the year, I will have more contact with the membership.

Angelo Castellano
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