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CAR MCC Motor Certifications

Post by Thomas Raithby » Wed Sep 09, 2009 8:18 am

A motor testing session was held at the Cesaroni Technology Incorporated facility in Gormley, Ontario on August 27 and 28th, 2009. It was a great session to attend in person!

A total of forty (40) motors were fired to certify fourteen (14) new reloads. The list includes one F, one I, one L, seven M and four N motors. The propellants included four Blue Streaks, two Classics, three Imax, one Red Lightning and four Skidmarks. The total fired impulse was 246,458.92 N-sec (50.4% R).

The new additions include reloads for Pro29, Pro54, Pro75 and Pro98 from Cesaroni Technology Inc as well as one Pro98 reload cross-certified for use in Aerotech RMS hardware and one “Animal by Cesaroni” (ABC) reload.

Earlier this year, Dr. Louwers proposed the introduction of a simple grain spacer for use in CTI hardware. The spacers are the length of a single grain, and are loaded into the case forward of the reload. This means that all of the pressure remains within the reload, but the ejection charge (if present) can freely pass through. In the course of normal testing, 75mm and 98mm spacers were included without incident. Two stacked 1G spacers (38mm) were hydrostatically tested in a 3G case to failure, and the failure point was the nozzle (longitudinal failure mode) as described by NFPA 1125, section 7.4.4. After disassembling the destroyed 3G case, the spacers slid out undamaged, even after exposure to 2,380 PSI (over 3X the working pressure of the reload).

The Pro29 tapered closures have been used in Pro29 testing and have performed normally.

As a result of this testing, 38mm, 75mm and 98mm spacers (alone or stacked) and the Pro29 tapered closure form part of the certified motor systems from CTI. These spacers (38mm, 75mm and 98mm) and optional closures (29mm) will continue to be included in upcoming tests to observe the effect of ‘accelerated’ usage.

While these motors were certified in Canada, a reciprocal agreement between the Canadian Association of Rocketry, the Tripoli Rocketry Association and the National Association of Rocketry means they may be flown in many jurisdictions.

I am very pleased to announce the certification of these fourteen (14) new reloads from Cesaroni Technology, Inc. Individual certification letters follow for each motor. These letters and the accompanying thrust curves will be available on the official CAR website soon.

Respectfully submitted,

Thomas Raithby
Chair of CAR Motor Certification

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