2008 CAR Activity Report

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Thomas Raithby
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2008 CAR Activity Report

Post by Thomas Raithby » Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:42 pm

Hello Members,

It’s been a long time coming, but finally here is the 2008 CAR Activity Report. It’s a brief synopsis of who held leadership roles, what activities were undertaken by committees and accomplishments of some of our members. Much of it was constructed from memory and the Directors and heads of committees were consulted as well. I hope you will find it informative. But I hope you will be able to read between the lines to know how much more goes on behind the scenes.

I would also like to you to think about what you’d like the 2009 report to say. If you’d like to see great news about membership numbers, lots of certifications, cool projects or other things; then do those things now! The association is as vibrant and alive as you make it! If you’d like to see other things included in the 2009 Activity Report, send your ideas to me and I’ll maintain a list.

So once again, the posted report describes the activities of 2008 (I had several people review the final version and all suggested a reminder that it’s from last year).

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