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Electronic Voting

Post by Shane Weatherill » Wed Dec 24, 2008 6:33 pm

CAR Elections are almost upon us. Active CAR members may log into CARWeb to electronically cast their ballots between December 26 and December 29. If you have never logged into CARWeb, the system will contain the default password, which is your last name as it appears on your CAR membership card. From the CARWeb home page (http://www.canadianrocketry.org), login using your CAR Number (just the number without the S or J) and your password. Please remember, your password is case sensitive and you must be an active member to login to CARWeb. If you are using your default password, you will be prompted to update your password. Please remember your password, as it is not possible to retrieve your password if you forget it (it can only be reset to the default).

Once you are logged into CARWeb, select the Elections entry in the green User Menu on the CARWeb home page. All past and active elections will be listed on the Elections page. On December 26, through December 29, the election “CAR Executive 2009” will be available and open for voting. Simply select the election from the list, make your choices, and select the Vote button. You are allowed to abstain from any listed choices and your vote will still be counted for those you do select. You must be a Senior member to vote and you will only be able to cast a ballot for National candidate(s) and the candidate(s) for your Region. Once you have voted, you should be automatically directed to a page thanking you for your vote. You will not be able to vote again, so please ensure your choices are accurate.

The electronic ballot system used on CARWeb is designed to ensure anonymity. Though CARWeb can tell that you have voted, it is not possible to determine which ballots were cast by which member.

If you have any problems, please contact me at Shane.Weatherill@canadianrocketry.org and I will endeavour to help.

Thanks for voting and for supporting CAR.

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