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Message From the New CAR Executive

Post by Greg Dietlein » Tue Oct 17, 2006 2:00 am

On behalf of the new executive I would like to say the we feel very excited about the prospects for rocketry both in the near and distant future.

We have a lot of work ahead of us getting up and running. Tom Raithby and I have also been working on a letter we planned to post here before the 15th outlining our hopes and dreams and visions for the CAR. Unfortunately, due to the time difference and some personal demands on each of us, it is taking a while to get perfect. We hope to post it soon.

The first order is to get the executive up and running as the new voting body of the CAR. Each elected representative will be a voting member on the executive and will bring a voice from each region to the table. I plan to speak to each one of the elected regional reps in person as soon as possible. Time zones and their lives might cause this to take a little time but I will persist.


We are continuing the quest for insurance and we will pass on any news from time to time when there is news on this or other matters on concern or interest. We have some ideas and I plan to discuss them with Dave Ross.

All of the committee chairman will remain at their posts except for the CRSO, Max Baines. Max is planning on stepping down but has agreed to remain until we are ready to make the transition to a new CRSO. More on this to come.

We are also looking at beginning the process of translation of some documents into French. This is a difficult process that may take quite a while. More on this to come.

Tom and I will have more to say as soon as soon as we can finalize our letter. For those of you who have spoken to me in person on the phone, you know I can be a little long winded so it goes without saying that this is a long and very comprehensive letter covering a whole range of issues and ideas. We'll get it out as fast as possible.

Again, on behalf of all the newly elected executive, Thanks for giving us a chance to do this. We consider it an honour.

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