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Thomas Raithby
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Change to Executive

Post by Thomas Raithby » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:08 pm

Angelo Castellano has submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors effective immediately. Angelo has worked hard and with remarkable success and CAR-ACF owes him a great debt of gratitude. A Motion to accept President Castellano's resignation was made, and accepted. The position of Presidenet was declared 'Vacant'.

After careful consideration, former CAR-ACF President and RSO Greg Dietlein was asked if he could fulfill the remainder of the term as President. Greg accepted, and a Motion was made to the Board of Directors. The Motion was carried. Greg Dietlein is now President of CAR-ACF. Congratulations and thanks to Greg!

A lot of important business is in progress. Please stay tuned for upcoming announcements and news.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Raithby
Vice-President, CAR-ACF

Greg Dietlein
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Post by Greg Dietlein » Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:23 pm

I would like to join Tom (and all others) in thanking Angelo for all his hard work. His accomplishments are almost too numerous to count. Under his leadership we saw the CAR-ACF reacquire insurance, update the bylaws, update incorporation, reinforce and firmly establish a strong democratic executive and board of directors as well as entrench the first formal steps towards bilingualism. Again, these are just a few of the many highlights.

I had a nice chat with Angelo today. Prior to being asked to assume the presidency, I was still the past president. Angelo will assume the position of past president and will continue to be a part of the machine that helps drive our beloved hobby.

I would also like to say that I was very flattered when I received a call asking me to help out. I am returning to a very different CAR-ACF. Many new faces, many new challenges. I will be contacting all committee chairs, all directors and executive members towards the end of getting up to speed as quickly as possible. As we move I will try hard to post updates in the CAR-ACF ’s forum.

In closing, I ask everyone to again join us in thanking Angelo.


Je voudrais me joindre à Tom (et tous le monde) pour remercier Angelo pour son travail acharné. Ses réalisations sont presque trop nombreuses pour être comptées. Sous sa direction, nous avons vu le CAR-ACF regagner l'assurance, mettre à jour les règlements, mettre à jour la constitution, de renforcer et d'établir un pouvoir exécutif fort démocratique et le conseil d'administration ainsi que formaliser les premières mesures officielles en vue bilinguisme. Encore, ces sont seulement quelques-uns des nombreux points forts.

J'ai eu une conversation agréable avec Angelo aujourd'hui. Avant d'être appelé à assumer la présidence, j'étais encore le président sortant. Angelo occupera le poste de président sortant continuera d'être une partie importante de l'ACF pour aider à guider notre hobby bien-aimée.

Aussi, je tiens à dire que j'ai été très flatté quand j'ai reçu un appel me demandant de venir en aide. Je suis revenir à une très différent CAR-ACF: beaucoup de nouveaux visages, et beaucoup de nombreux nouveaux défis. Je communiquerai tous les présidents de comité, tous les administrateurs et membres de l'exécutif vers la fin de être à la page sur tout le monde. Alors que nous avançons, je vais essayer de poster des mises à jour dans le forum de la CAR-ACF.

En fin, je demande à tous de vous joindre à nous à encore pour remercier Angelo.

Greg Dietlein
President, CAR-ACF
S585 L4, L4CC, RSO

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