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Important Announcement

Post by Tim Rempel » Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:12 pm

Disclaimer - this press release if for information only. Only written documents will be treated as accurate.

The Canadian Association of Rocketry - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie is pleased to announce it has secured insurance for members and executives of CAR-ACF flying rockets at CAR-ACF sanctioned events. The Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept the insurance.

This follows the efforts of previous executives for the past 7 years that included a tremendous amount of work and research. Efforts included work by Greg Dietlein, Dave Ross, and Vince Chichack.

The general liability insurance, with a coverage limit of $5 million, which will be in effect once all fields and clubs are approved, will cover rocketry events for all CAR-ACF members in Canada. A second policy, Director's and Officer's, with a coverage limit of $2 million, will cover the Board of Directors and all committee members while doing volunteer work for CAR-ACF. A start date for both policies has not been set but is expected to be around July 15, 2010.

Angelo Castellano, President of the association expressed his personal thanks for Richard Barlow and Larry Rousselle of Model Aeronautics Association of Canada, Trip Barber of the National Association of Rocketry, and Ken Good of the Tripoli Rocketry Association for their help in securing insurance.

Greg Gollan of the CAR-ACF insurance committee is now in the process of producing a Q&A for members with details of the new policy. As all information is not finalized, updates will be available on the CARWeb forum. Soon after, all information will be available to the general public on CARWeb.

Clubs are asked to contact their regional director to start the process of approving their clubs and fields for use.

The Canadian Association of Rocketry - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie is a federally incorporated not for profit representing rocketeers across Canada.

The history of rocketry goes back to 1965 with the approval of rocketry in Canada by the Canadian Federal government with the assistance of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI), the Royal Canadian Flying Clubs (RCFCA), the new Canadian Association of Rocketry(CAR), and then with the help of the Youth Aeronautic and Aerospace of Canada (YAAC).

Today CAR-ACF is the only nationally recognized rocketry Association in Canada and its standards and guidelines are recognized as safe and consistent. The safety record of the association is outstanding.

Rocketry is a great hobby and a perfect way to introduce science, engineering, model building, and real time measurement to student and as a result, is still taught in many schools in Canada and the USA.

For further details, please contact:
Tim Rempel
CAR-ACF Secretary/Treasurer

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