November Update to CAR Members

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November Update to CAR Members

Post by Angelo Castellano » Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:34 pm

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Hello, all.

Sorry if you received this more than once.

For discussions to this post, please use the forums. The general yahoo group is a public group open to everyone. It is posted here as a courtesy.

More thanks to Shane Weatherill. There is nothing like IT support that actually gets thing done fast.

This is probably the last major update for the year with the holidays coming up.

Canadian Association of Rocketry - L'Association Canadienne De Fuséologie
This is our new name. We are now a federally incorporated not for profit organization with by-laws and a proper structure. The bylaws are now posted CARWeb at There is no Chairman but now a President and Vice-President. We also have more responsibilities. We need to provide annual financial reports to the government agency. These reports will also be available to the public. But it is done.

Motor Certification
Tom Raithby, who also our Vice President, has done a great job doing motor testing this year. He has quickly done all reports and issued them to rocketeers world wide. Well done.

Tom has also indicated a need for others to fill in with motor testing. Currently it is being done by Tom and myself. A couple of CAR members living in the Toronto area are welcome to become part of the testing committee. You would be trained by Tom or myself and do the testing when neither of us are available. If you are interested, please contact Tom or myself.

CARWeb Forums
Shane has set up forums on the CARWeb. This has many functions. First it provides a place that it ad free. Second, it is a private forum - you need to be a CAR-ACF member. And third, it provides a means to pass information on to the next executive. One problem in the past has always been finding out what happened before and why decisions were made.

Ontario Regional Director
Ontario still need a regional director. Volunteers? Please. I would like to remove the line form my sig and give Ontario a vote on
the board.

RSO L4CC Review
The review is slowly starting up.

A review of past concerns:
2009-1 New election. Except for the Ontario rep, done
2009-2 Not for profit - done
2009-3 safety rule of 9km for model rockets. Repealed. Done
2009-4 Review committees - on going
2009-5 future growth of CAR-ACF. Currently trying to set up a membership/ corporate donation committee. If you are interested,
please step forward.
2009-6 Update the Natural Resources booklet. To be done when a government liaison is appointed.
2009-7 Government Liaison - now being discussed
2009-8 Insurance. Now that we are set up, Tim Rempel is now starting to make contacts for both Director's insurance and general insurance. Should you have any contacts in the insurance industry, please pass the information on to Tim.
2009-9 Hybrid launch distance - done.
2009-10 Financial Statements - issued. To be issued again when needed or if there are major changes.
2009-11 Regular Contact by me and the Executive- Trying
2009-12 FAI Competition - Still to be looked at
2009-13 Draft a expulsion and discipline policy. The expulsion is now taken care of in the new bylaws - quoting: "Any member may have their membership revoked by the Board of Directors where that member has been found to act in a manner prejudicial to the Corporation in the opinion of the majority of the Board of Directors." Discipline is to be looked at.
2009-14 A discussion about the "black powder issue" and its effect on CAR-ACF. Part of the committee review.

New items currently before the board:
2009-15 List/Forum policy. A discussion of who gets access to the list/forum for the board of directors. If someone asks, put
before the board for discussion. Unless someone is a Director or an Executive, they are welcome as long as they contribute.
2009-16 A discussion a the 4 levels of CAR-ACF High Power. In discussion.
2009-17 CARWeb changes. On going. We have started to load documents for future reference and started the forums.

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