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CARWeb is the online voice and information repository for the Canadian Association of Rocketry. You can find documents and information related to Rocketry in Canada on this site. CAR uses a web Forum to provide rapid communications between members of CAR. The CAR Forum contains both public and private areas. To access the private CAR Members area, you must a CAR Member in good standing. For details on accessing the CAR Forum, refer to these instructions.

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Nomination forms for Board Elections
Posted by Tim Rempel on December 29, 2014

Hello all,

Here are the forms needed for nominations to the Board. Remember, all Nominations need to be in to me by noon on January 3rd.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Chairman Nomination form:

Regional Board Member

CAR-ACF Elections
Posted by Greg Dietlein on December 26, 2014

On behalf of the CAR-ACF, I would like to wish everyone well this holiday season. I am looking forward to the 2015 rocketry season. Some cool projects are already on the horizon.

We are running a bit behind on elections this year.

This year's election officer will be Tim Rempel.

Nominations will need to be sent to Tim on or before midnight on January 3, 2015. Elections will follow on line as before through the CAR-ACF Website with voting ending on January 10.. More details to follow on the front page f the CAR-ACF website:


Greg Dietlein
Car-ACF Vice president

Membership renwals and voting
Posted by Tim Rempel on November 14, 2014

I have processed all renewals that I have on hand. If your CAR-ACF number does not show as current here, CAR Membership Expirations, this would mean that I have not received your renewal and you will be unable to vote.

If you are showing as current and you cannot login to vote, please contact me directly.


Cast your vote for the new by-laws
Posted by Tim Rempel on November 11, 2014

The vote on the new by-laws is now live and will run to November 18, 2014. To cast your vote, you must log in to CARWeb and click on "elections" in the green user section on the left side of the CARWeb page.

You must be a current member of CAR-ACF to vote. If you are unsure about your current membership status, or a new member that has not yet received your CAR-ACF number, please contact me at

If you are a member but have never signed in to CARWeb and need instructions, login with your CAR-ACF number, and your last name as it appears on your membership. Again, if there are any issues, contact me.

If you have any questions in regard to the new by-laws or the resolution, there is now a new topic in the "General" section of the forum dedicated to any questions. Please post them there.


Bylaw and Special Resolution documents
Posted by Tim Rempel on November 05, 2014

Here are the links to the new bylaws and the Special Resolution in regard to the name change.


Special Resolution
Special Resolution

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