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CARWeb is the online voice and information repository for the Canadian Association of Rocketry / Association canadienne de fuséonautique. You can find documents and information related to Rocketry in Canada on this site. CAR/ACF uses a web Forum to provide rapid communications between members of CAR/ACF. The CAR/ACF Forum contains both public and private areas. To access the private CAR/ACF Members area, you must a CAR/ACF Member in good standing. For details on accessing the CAR/ACF Forum, refer to these instructions.

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CAR Promotional Posters Online
Posted by Shane Weatherill on February 23, 2006

Two new CAR Promotional Posters are now available for download. Poster 1 is an action shot. The rocket is about 6 feet tall and is liftinig off on a CTI Smokey Sam K. Poster 2 is a of a group photo from LDRS.

Please go out and distribute these to your various hobby shops. Please drop a note to advise him when a poster has been distributed.

For PDF versions, go to:

Poster 1 - PDF
Poster 2 - PDF

For higher resolution Microsoft Publisher versions, go to:

Poster 1 - Microsoft Publisher
Poster 2 - Microsoft Publisher

RSO Bulletin: Launch Equipment
Posted by Max Baines on February 20, 2006

The following CAR RSO bulletin seeks to clarify and address the concerns of those flying rockets requiring an alternate launch apparatus, including Odd Rocks such as: pyramids, saucers, wings, and cones.

The use of rails or towers for rockets with an installed total impulse of over 160Ns is mandated where practicable. In situations where an alternate launch apparatus has been demonstrated to be necessary to the satisfaction of the RSO, the apparatus is required to provide functional performance equivalent to a rail or tower. The precise conditions under which the rocket may be flown will be determined by the RSO upon presentation of the rocket for safety inspection.

Range Job Descriptions Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on November 28, 2005

The CAR Range Job Descriptions have been updated.

CARWeb Updated
Posted by Shane Weatherill on November 24, 2005

The following CAR Documents have been updated on the CARWeb:

 CAR RI Checklist .pdf  CAR Fight Data Card .pdf  CAR Combined RI Checklist / Flight Data Card .pdf  CAR HPR Failed Flight Report .pdf

CAR Safety Update
Posted by Ian Stephens on November 24, 2005

As a result of discussions in the RSO Committee, the following Safety
Updates have been issued.

1. Mandatory Use of Launch Rails and/or Launch Towers
It has been the practice of CAR, particularily in the Alberta and BC
regions, that rails or towers were the only launch gear that launch
organizers would allow to be used for rockets with an installed
impulse of 160Ns or greater. This has not been enforced nor has this
ever been ratified or codified by CAR.

Subject to inclusion in future editions of the CAR Safety Codes and
RSO Guidelines, the CAR Executive is taking the step of endorsing the
RSO Committees recommendation to not allow the use of launch rods,
and making it mandatory to use rails or towers on ALL rockets with an
installed impulse of 160 Ns or greater.

In addition, the CAR Executive strongly endorses the recommendation
that all rockets over 80Ns use rails or towers instead of rods.

Rather than being an effort to frustrate rocketeers that swear by
rods, this move is being made in the interest of improving overall
safety for our members and equally importantly, spectators at our

2. Multi-Stage Rocket Requirements
In response to some events this past year and in general, the higher
risk from higher impulse multi-stage rockets, the CAR is endorsing a
recommendation from the RSO Committee that any multi-stage flight with
an installed impulse greater than 160Ns must be equipped with a device
that will disable subsequent stage ignition in the event of a
non-nominal boost phase.

Clearly there are many possible methods that can be employed, but as a
courtesy to those who may be planning multi-stage projects, this early
notice should help in the planning.

Also, the RSO Committee has been in contact with several avionics
suppliers, and can advise as follows:

Robert Galejs, the creator of the Magnetic Apogee Detector, is working
on a Magnetic Upper Stage Ignition Control (MUSIC). It will be flight
tested over the next few months.

- Ground Control Radio
This technology exists and is widely available.

In addition, established altimeter suppliers have offered the
following information:

- AltAcc 4
Scott Bartel at BlackSky has indicated that the new AltAcc 4,
scheduled for release this spring, will have a user-progamable channel
where the user can set their own parameters, for example a 5 G
acceleration for a minimum 4 seconds) which must be met before the
AltAcc will enable second stage ignition. While this may not solve
flights that tip aggressively off the pad, it will ensure that the
rocket is at least well down range prior to second stage ignition.

Similar situation to BlackSky

- AFC-877
Current firmware on the FC offers second stage inhibition if apogee
has been detected.

The RSO Committee will provide more information as it is made

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Photo by Ken Baldwin

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