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Our new Executive and Board
Posted by Tim Rempel on January 20, 2015

Here is our new Executive and Board!

Elected by acclimation:

President: Greg Dietlein

Vice President: Bill Daigle

Secretary/Treasurer: Art Mackie

Alberta Region: Ron Veale

Quebec Region: André Choquette

Maritime Region: Mark Roberts

At the time of the election, there were several vacancies due to no one supplying the necessary nomination forms. Since then these people have stepped forward to fill these vacancies.

All vacancy nominations will require BOD approval after Feb 1.

Pacific Region: Vacant. Greg Varga.

Prairie Region: Vacant. Richard MacDonald.

Ontario Region: Vacant. Andrew Wilson.

The new executive and BOD take office on Feb 1.

The CAR-ACF welcomes a new club.
Posted by Greg Dietlein on January 11, 2015

Hi all,

It is a great honour to announce that the CAR-ACF has approved the Timmins Area Model Rocketry Association (aka TAMRA) in Timmins Ontario as a new affiliated club. This is the 3rd new club during Pierre's term as president.

Greg Parent has been a great point person in Ontario and his effort have been greatly appreciate.

Congrats and welcome to TAMRA.

Thanks the Greg Parent

Un nouveau Club

C’est un grand honneur d'annoncer que le CAR-ACF a approuvé le club Timmins Area Model Rocketry Association (TAMRA) de Timmins en Ontario en tant que nouveau club affilié. C’est le 3e nouveau club pendant le mandat de Pierre en tant que président.

Greg Parent a été une personne clé en Ontario et ses efforts sont grandement appréciés.

Félicitations et bienvenue à TAMRA.

Merci à Greg Parent


Greg Dietlein
CAR-ACF Vice-president

Election results
Posted by Tim Rempel on January 06, 2015

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce that your new Executive is:

President - Greg Dietlein
Vice President - Bill Daigle
Secretary/Treasurer - Art Mackie

Congratulations to you and good luck in your term.

Tim Rempel

Nomination forms for Board Elections
Posted by Tim Rempel on December 29, 2014

Hello all,

Here are the forms needed for nominations to the Board. Remember, all Nominations need to be in to me by noon on January 3rd.

Please let me know if there are any questions.

Chairman Nomination form:

Regional Board Member

CAR-ACF Elections
Posted by Greg Dietlein on December 26, 2014

On behalf of the CAR-ACF, I would like to wish everyone well this holiday season. I am looking forward to the 2015 rocketry season. Some cool projects are already on the horizon.

We are running a bit behind on elections this year.

This year's election officer will be Tim Rempel.

Nominations will need to be sent to Tim on or before midnight on January 3, 2015. Elections will follow on line as before through the CAR-ACF Website with voting ending on January 10.. More details to follow on the front page f the CAR-ACF website:


Greg Dietlein
Car-ACF Vice president

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